Cloud Mountain​​

Cloud Mountain​​

Therapeutic massage in Downtown Portland

Massage styles

Trigger point therapy also known as neuromuscular therapy works on identified points on the body that cause tension in the surrounding tissue.  Trigger points can often feel like knots and sometimes they feel like a very small little ball or just very small tender area.  Using primarily thumbs and elbows trigger point therapy works to deactivate these spots thus bringing relaxation in the surrounding muscles.
Hot stone massage originally from Hawaii uses hot stones to warm up the tissue and melt away knots.  The stones are used as active tools as well as passively left on back, palms and feet for a deeply relaxing massage.
Cupping is a great way to open up tight fascia and give relief in some of the most stubborn cases.  Because it causes a vaccum effect instead of a compression effect it can really create space in your tissue in a way you may have never experienced before.  It is especially great on the low back hip area and around the shoulder blades where tissue tends to get stubbornly tight.
Myofascial release is a technique that opens and stretches the outer layers of fascia just below the skin.  Your fascia is always being worked on during a massage but with myofascial release we can really target these layers of tissue.  This is mainly done by using less oil and using movements that are very slow.  It can often have a burning sensation as the fascae spreads apart.  It is done very mindfully allowing the tissue to open as it feels safe to do so.  Cupping can create a feeling of spaciousness in your tissue you may have not felt in a long time.
Swedish Massage uses techniques of kneading the muscles and gliding over the muscles in long smooth strokes.  It is very good for relieving tension and relaxing the mind.  The body holds stress by tightening muscles. The combination of relaxation and tension relief induced by Swedish massage is ideal for resetting your mind and body.
​​Medical Massage is injury recovery massage that uses techniques of traditional Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, stretching and hot/cold therapy.   Insurance will often pay for medical massage following a motor vehicle accident or an injury covered by workers compensation.  Please contact me for more information.  

Sports massage is for recovery and restoration after sports activity.  Massage
helps  flush out lactic acid, assists injury recovery, stretches muscles and increases circulation.