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Therapeutic massage for healing and relaxation
Olivia Wycoff, LMT

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue does not mean hard or painful.  It means working deep enough to effectively release areas of tension, restriction and pain.  I work with you to find your “edge”.  Your edge is the place before the pain.  It is a place that may feel a bit intense but is not intense enough for your body to contract or stiffen up in response to the pressure.  Finding this place is key to getting muscles to relax.  Using forearms and elbows in a slow mindful manner I will communicate with you to find your “edge” and guide you through breathing to get relief in those tight and or painful areas.

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Sports massage

Sports massage is for recovery and restoration after sports activity.  Massage helps  flush out lactic acid, assists injury recovery, stretches muscles and increases circulation.


Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is a Western Therapy inspired by Eastern techniques. The therapist uses parallel bars above the massage table to support themselves while delivering broad deep smooth pressure with their feet.  Ashiatsu is a deep tissue massage and is highly effective in lengthening shortened muscles and melting away knots and tightness.

Hot Stone 

Hot stone massage originally from Hawaii uses hot stones to warm up the tissue and melt away knots.  The stones are used as active tools as well as passively left on back, palms and feet for a deeply relaxing massage.

Medical massage

Medical Massage is injury recovery massage that uses techniques of traditional Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, stretching and hot/cold therapy.   Insurance will often pay for medical massage following a motor vehicle accident or an injury covered by workers compensation.  Please contact me for more information.  

Swedish relaxation

Swedish Massage uses techniques of kneading the muscles and gliding over the muscles in long smooth strokes.  It is very good for relieving tension and relaxing the mind.  The body holds stress by tightening muscles. The combination of relaxation and tension relief induced by Swedish massage is ideal for resetting your mind and body.

End of life massage

End of life massage is done in your home or care facility and focuses on comfort and palliative care.  An experienced therapist works with the patient to personalize the massage to the circumstances of the individual, providing solace through human touch, relief from symptoms and relaxation.  Please contact me for more information.

​Skin care

Healthy skin care and waxing done by a highly skilled and experienced esthetician.  Located directly across the hall from Cloud Mountain at Lotus Blossom.
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Lotus Blossom Skin Care