Cloud Mountain​​

Cloud Mountain​​

Therapeutic and deep tissue massage in NW Portland

Massage techniques practiced at Cloud Mountian Massage

Trigger point therapy NW Portland
Trigger point therapy is a manual massage therapy technique that relaxes muscles by deactivating key "trigger points" in muscles.  Trigger points have been found to be the root cause of many pain and tension patterns in the body. Releasing a trigger point can cause muscles to relax and pain to reside in the surrounding area.  Using primarily thumbs and elbows trigger point therapy works to deactivate these spots by holding stactic pressure of just the right amount.
Hot stone massage has been a healing technique for millennia in cultures all around the world. Hot stones have been used in various therapeutic ways in China, Native American cultures and Hawaii. Hawaiian use most closely resembles the way hot stones are incorporated in massage today. Heat is a powerful muscle relaxer and soother and when delivered by the strong earthly element of stones feels deeply therapeutic. Hot stones are incorporated into a therapeutic massage by gliding them along tight stubborn muscles and effectively melting them into submission. Sometimes they are used as tools to melt a knot and sometimes they are left in particularly relaxing places like the SI joints on the base of the spine or in the palms of the hands. The stones are smooth basalt hand picked from the Oregon coast. Consider adding hot stones to your massage and level up your deep relaxation. Nothing has quite the melting, nurturing and blissful effect as having a hot stone massage.
Hot stone massage NW Portland OR
Cupping massage NW Portland OR
Myofascial release is a technique that opens and stretches the fascia.  Fascia is connective tissue found between your skin and muscle, between muscle and muscle, thruought muscles and between muscle and bone.  It forms a connective 3-dimensional grid through all of the layers of your tissue.  There are more tension receptors in your fascia then in your muslces.  Because fascia is more tendon like in nature with less fluids running through it it responds best to slow stretching.  Your fascia is always being worked on during a massage but with myofascial release we can really target these layers of tissue.  This is mainly done by using less oil and using movements that are very slow.  It can often have a slight burning sensation as the fascia spreads apart.  It is done very mindfully allowing the tissue to open as it feels safe to do so.  Myo fascial release can be great for stubborn areas just like cupping because often it is the fascia not the muscles that are holding onto tightness.
Myofascial release massage NW Portland
Cupping is a great way to open up tight fascia and give relief in some of the most stubborn cases.  Because it causes a vaccum effect instead of a compression effect it can really create space in your tissue in a way you may have never experienced before.  It is especially great on the low back hip area and around the shoulder blades where tissue tends to get stubbornly tight.
Swedish massage NW Portland OR
Swedish Massage uses smooth gliding strokes, kneading and circular friction techniques to relax and soothe tight and sore muscles. Because of it's characteristic graceful rhythm it is also very good at calming the parasympathetic nervous system inducing a deep relaxation in the mind as well as the body.
Medical massage NW Portland OR
​​Medical Massage is injury recovery massage that uses techniques of traditional Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, stretching and hot/cold therapy.   Insurance will often pay for medical massage following a motor vehicle accident or an injury covered by workers compensation.  Please contact me for more information.  

Sports massage NW Portland OR
Sports massage is for pre-event training support, injury recovery and post event recovery. Sports massage uses all manners of massage techniques from basic Swedish stokes and trigger point therapy to myofascial release and stretching. Sports massage is helpful during training to help soothe and rebalance muscles that may be over worked or that are becoming causes of postural imbalances and/or joint strains. Massage for support during injury recovery can help rebalance muscles that are hypertonic from being in a protective state and break up adhesions that are causing pain and joint disfunction. Post-event massage is helpful for flushing out lactic acid, for relaxing hypertonic muscles and just general calming and soothing of the muscular and nervous system. Getting massage throughout your training can increase recovery time and help prevent injury.